Contractual relations by and between you, as the Customer and the User (hereinafter “You” or “Customer”, “User”) of our webpage and TV broadcasting and other services under the general name “TVOYO TV” (hereinafter referred as “TVOYO TV”), are defined exclusively electronically by filling of the registration form (hereinafter “Registration Form”). Contractual relations, set in accordance with the instruction in Registration Form are regulated with the terms and conditions, defined by you in the subject form as you fill it and by means of which you express your consent. Contractual relations are also regulated with the general terms, tariffs, reclamation conditions and policy of privacy and protection of personal data in the indicated order in case of any discrepancies or ambiguity. “TVOYO TV” reserves the right to use while rendering services other companies or persons, e.g. for securing of logistics or services in the framework of the contractual relations with you. The contractual information of the subject persons will be verified according to the type of services, which provide those persons.


If the user of the site is not interested in rendering of other services of “TVOYO TV”, in particular, the charged services of television broadcasting, order of use of the site is regulated with the general applicable legal norms and general terms and notifications for use of this website.

“TVOYO TV” reserves the right to introduce changes into the general terms, and if you are registered user, then you will receive the updated version of the terms to the email indicated by you, and if not registered, the updated version of the terms will be published at the website of “TVOYO TV”. If you do not agree with the new terms of use of our services, then you are entitled to refuse to the agreement on the terms and the conditions defined with the contractual relations.

As already mentioned above, the contractual relations for use of TV broadcasting and related services of “TVOYO TV” are set by filling of the Registration Form and as the result of confirmation of registration from or part. Choice and confirmation of the tariff and the subsequent payment for the services are the binding legal acts and therefore, you are held responsible for completeness and preciseness of the information indicated by you and warning for misuse of information on your behalf, as well as the fact that you are adult and capable customer. On basis of the verified contractual relations by and between you and “TVOYO TV” we undertake to render services of TV broadcasting and other services to you in the amount, agreed upon on the day of establishment of the contractual relations. “TVOYO TV” at the same time undertakes to secure functionality of the services in the amount complying at least 97% of the time of TV broadcasting. The company reserves the right for 3% of the time of TV broadcasting for technical needs, related to providing and improvement of services, which does not entitled to file any claims from the part of the customer.

Payment for TV programs, packs, maintenance as well as other goods and services are carried out electronically through settlement or credit cards. You are held responsible for the information dealing with the used card, as well as for its coverage and validity. Payment, implemented in the framework of the contractual relations, is final. If the appropriate amount is not transferred to the account of the provider of services and goods of “TVOYO TV” in the requested amount, then the provider is entitled to demand compensation of the caused damage/loss or the penalty, set in case of incurring of such situation. In case of your delay with any payment, “TVOYO TV” is entitled to charge interest for delay and to send notification, as well as to demand payment of the fees and compensation of expenses if any.

If “TVOYO TV” is forced to cease providing services or supply of goods, the liability to render services will be restored upon payment of all the due amounts, among them interests.

Service rendering and supply of goods is carried out in the term of 10 business days upon them being ordered and the payment carried out. Taking into account the fact that “TVOYO TV” is entitled to apply for the services of various shippers according to you address, as indicated in the order, it is of utmost importance or you to check the parcel upon its delivery, and in case of availability of confirmations, to file claims directly via shipper.

Contractual relations are verified for the indefinite term, and at the same time the separate software might be limited in time, see Tariffs. Upon expiration of the term of the repaid tariff, the acting tariff might be purchased again or the new one selected. Tariffs for 12 months are automatically prolonged for the following 12 months, if you do not send notification about cancelation of the agreement at least 30 days in advance. The contractual relations might be cancelled unilaterally in case of serious breach of the terms of the agreement by one of the parties or the fact of repeated breach not less serious, regarding which you were notified by the other contracting party with the demand to improve the situation.

All the issues dealing with use of purchased equipment or other devices, provided by the company “TVOYO TV” for use of the services of TV broadcasting or other services, are regulated with the Terms of reclamation and user’s manual.

Contractual relations verified in accordance with this document in all the cases apply for one end-user and might not be delegated to other parties without preliminary consent of the company “TVOYO TV”.

Service rendering “TVOYO TV” might be unilaterally delegated to the other company, which would secure providing of such services according to the terms and the conditions of the already existing contractual relations.

The disputes, incurred on basis of these contractual relations, shall be reviewed in accordance with the legislation of Great Britain and will be resolved at the court/arbitration court of England, and at the same time the official language of the judicial process will be English.


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